Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Stout Corned Beef

Stout corned beef


1 bag of peeled baby carrots
10 baby red potatoes, quartered
1/2 onion, peeled, cut into small wedges
10 brussel sprouts, quartered
3-4 lb. corned beef brisket with corning spices
1 12 oz. bottle of Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Stout
4 cups water


  1. Place the carrots, potatoes, and onion into the bottom of a slow cooker, pour in the water and place the brisket on top of the vegetables. Pour the Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Stout over the brisket. Sprinkle on the spices from the packet, cover and set the cooker on high.

  2. Cook the brisket for about 8 hours.

  3. An hour before serving, stir in the brussel sprouts and cook for 1 more hour.

  4. Enjoy!

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