Newly Released Kentucky Tequila Barrel Wheat: An Instant Summer Classic

May 29, 2019
Tequila Barrel Wheat Draft and Bottle

Kentucky Tequila Barrel Wheat

Brewery: Lexington Brewing Company

Style: Wheat Ale

ABV: 7.5%

Lexington Brewing Company has focused its attention on innovation in the release of its newest product of the Barrel-Aged Seasonal Series, Kentucky Tequila Barrel Wheat Ale. This brew is a beer drinker’s take on the margarita cocktail we have all come to love. Though many are familiar with Lexington Brewing Company’s bourbon barrel-aged beers from its flagship Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale to newcomers like the Kentucky Coffee Barrel Cream Ale, this brew differentiates itself by aging with limes in freshly dumped tequila barrels.

This wheat ale is tequila forward with an amazing lime undertone that gives us that sunshine, poolside and lake house summer vibe. It’s shockingly light and crisp but packs a punch with its heavier alcohol content. An easy way to try the Kentucky Tequila Barrel Wheat is by stopping by the brewery, located along the Brewgrass Trail. For more information about the Brewgrass Trail, check out

Look out for more creativity from the Lexington Brewing Company brand as they continue to expand their portfolio. Kentucky Tequila Barrel Wheat is available now and throughout the summer. Cheers!

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