Life of the Barrel

September 14, 2016
Life of the Barrel

A very important part of what we do at Lexington Brewing & Distilling Co. is centered on bourbon barrels. During 2016 Bourbon Heritage Month, we wanted to shed light on this important part of our operations by diving into the Life of the Barrel. After we receive a brand new, American White Oak bourbon barrel, it has about a 14 year life here with us and undergoes a five step journey.


Step 1 Start with a Barrel: This is a new American white oak barrel charred for 55 seconds to a #4 Alligator char.  

Step 2 Add Bourbon: Bourbon is added to the charred American White Oak barrel and aged for at least two years to be called straight Bourbon Whiskey

Step 3 Add Beer: Kentucky Ale is poured into freshly decanted bourbon barrels and ages at least six weeks to make our Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale. The barrel imparts bourbon sweetness and oak notes on the beer.                   

Step 4 Add Whiskey: After we take our Bourbon Barrel Ale, we add whiskey that will become our 80 proof Pearse Lyons Reserve Single Malt Whiskey. The whiskey ages for a Minimum of four more years before its emptied.

Step 5 Bittersweet Farewell: Lastly, once Pearse Lyons Reserve has been removed from the barrels, they are shipped to countries such as Ireland and Canada to be used for other wines, whiskies, and beers. 

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