Kentucky Rickhouse Series

January 23, 2017
Rickhouse series

We'd like to think we put out a pretty good bourbon barrel-aged beer. Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale has won over the taste buds of many throughout the now 30 states we distribute in, and is still in high demand from the remaining 20. We brought you the Barrel-Aged Seasonal Series with flavors to pair perfectly with each season of the year. And we're not done yet. 

In November 2016, we introduced the Kentucky Rickhouse Series to the world. We created this series to showcase the flavors imparted on beer by freshly emptied Kentucky whiskey barrels. Every beer from this series will be barrel-aged for an extended amount of time to soak in all of the flavor and elements possible from the barrel it aged in. 

No. 1 Strawberry Wheat was released in November 2016 and grabbed attention with it's bright color and taste of fresh strawberries blended with the boldness of bourbon. 

No. 2 Cranberry Wheat helped us start off 2017 with a perfectly balanced celebration of tart cranberry flavor complemented by the darker, warmer flavors from the bourbon barrel. 

No. 3 Rye Barrel Ale follows close behind. This brew takes on the unique spicy flavors of our Town Branch Rye. Kentucky Ale is aged in Town Branch Rye barrels to develop complex notes of black pepper complemented by hints of vanilla sweetness from the oak. 

These brews have hit the market in full swing. They come and go quick, so be on the lookout for what will come next from this ongoing series. Check out the Kentucky Rickhouse Series section on our products page for more.

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